SPQ Gold* and Sales Call Reluctance Coach Connie Kadansky

Sales Funnnel      Without Prospecting and Lead Generation Nothing Can Follow

As you know, leads are the life blood of a sales organization. They are the raw material that leads to appointments and to sales. Without a continual stream of new leads, your sales career will wither and die. That is the nature of the business. Anything that interferes with the flow of new leads directly impacts your ability to generate revenue and income. The most significant impediment to the generation of prospecting for new leads is Sales Call Reluctance. Those who conquer Sales Call Reluctance can move on to incredible sales success. Those who experience Sales Call Reluctance, are suffering needlessly!  Why?  Because your learned it!  You can unlearn it. Addressing your Call Reluctance is not easy or comfortable.  Why?  Because it requires shifting perspectives, developing a constructive set of beliefs, letting go of assumptions and keeping the inner critic, or the inner terrorist, under control.   Even though it may not be easy, having a Coach who experienced Call Reluctance to the degree she was taking a nap at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon instead of prospecting, will significantly shorten the learning curve.  Connie Kadansky has coached over 5,000 hours with salespeople of all types, from diverse industries, with notable results.

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