The 12 Week Year: Learn to get more done in 12 weeks than others do in twelve months

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Connie Kadansky & Ed Howat

12 Week Year Group Coaching Program

Where do you really want to be in three years? What are you going to have; what do you want to be doing; and who do you want to be? Is your vison strong enough to keep you doing the things you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing them?

Picture1Statistics suggest that about 80% of people have no burning desire to set or reach a goal and only 30% of the remaining 20% actually accomplish something. That means only 6 people out of a 100 can set a goal and reach it.

Another statistic suggests that only about 10% of people can reach a goal on their own. The rest of us (the 90%) could use some help by using an accountability partner, or engaging a mentor or coach.


Focus is the new competitive advantage. We are living in a historic time of accelerated change. High achievement is more possible than ever before.

What it is:

The 12 Week Year™ is like the operating system in your computer. It is the engine that drives everything and allows you to accomplish almost anything you set out to do. If you are in the 90% group mentioned above, then you should keep reading.

The 12 Week Year™ Group Coaching Program is a process that will help you integrate the disciplines and principles of the 12 Week Year™ into your daily life. Coaching groups are limited to 6 participants, and consist of 7 one-hour sessions (every week) that are facilitated by a certified 12 Week Year™ coach.

The first 6 sessions are call-in group discussions, and the seventh session is a one-on-one call with the coach. The one-on- one coaching session will focus on developing a 12 Week Plan and Tactics for the participant’s next 12-week cycle.

Participants are expected to individually work through specified course materials between group sessions. The self-directed individual work combined with the group sessions are designed to provide a deep functional understanding of the principles and disciplines of high performance.

At the end of the 7 sessions, participants will develop a personalized 12-week plan, and be fully trained in the principles and disciplines of the 12 Week Year™. The benefits are faster results, greater impact, and sustained application.

We are now offering the newly developed 12 Week Year Group Coaching Program at an introductory price for a limited number of participants.

The seven 1-hour coaching sessions (the call-in sessions occur every week) are:

  1. Orientation to the foundation principles of The 12 Week Year – 12 Week Year execution cycle, the 12 Week Year execution disciplines (Vision, Planning, Process Control, Scorekeeping, Time Use), the 12 Week Year Principles (Accountability, Commitment, Greatness in the Moment), and the emotional cycle of change.
  2. Vision – Crafting and leveraging your personal and professional vision to provide the will to take action even when you “don’t feel like it.”
  3. The Weekly Execution Routine – Weekly Plans, Scorekeeping, Weekly Accountability Meetings.
  4. Time Use – Intentional Imbalance, Time Blocks, Model Work Week.
  5. The Success Principles – Accountability, Commitment, and Greatness in The Moment
  6. Planning – Benefits of planning, what makes a 12 Week Plan different, setting effective goals, writing tactics that can be executed in the week that they are due.
  7. Final Assessment & Installation – One-On- One hour-long review session with the coaches for final review and development of your next 12-week goal and plan.

What it isn’t:

  • It isn’t easy to do.
  • It isn’t hard to read.
  • It isn’t just another event.
  • It isn’t an activity tracing system.
  • It isn’t the latest and greatest fad.
  • It isn’t a time management system.
  • It isn’t another sales coaching program and book that ends up on your shelf gathering dust.

Who should consider this group coaching approach:

  • Those who are encountering the 12 Week Year execution system for the first time, and who want to be fully prepared to leverage the 12 Week Year quickly and with greatest impact.
  • Those who are open to getting four to five times more done with more focus and enjoy the process.
    • Those who do not want to waste any more precious time.
    • Those you feel like they are living the same year over and over.
    • Anyone else who wants to get additional grounding in high achiever concepts.
    • Those who are battling time and convinced that they are doomed because of limited time.
    • Those who are pouring their heart and soul into their work and still not getting the results they want.

NOTE: This program is designed to establish the foundations of the 12 Week Year for participants. The first 12-week plan is created at the end of the process.

Materials, Deliverables & Benefits

Materials include a copy of the 12 Week Year, a copy of the 12 Week Year Study Guide, paper forms for your 12 Week Plan with 12 Weekly plan templates, access to videos that re-enforce 12 Week Year concepts, and Session study questions to guide your work.

Deliverables include your permanent “playbook” of completed course assignments, and your completed 12-week plan and tactics developed by you, and then refined with feedback from your coach in the 7th (one-on- one) session.

Financial Investment

Program Fees: The introductory price for the group coaching process is $895 per participant.

Time Commitment: Your attendance at each group session is required as is your participation on the calls, and you will be expected to complete exercises and assignments between sessions (typically 1-2 hours of field work between each session.)

Next Steps:

Call Connie Kadansky today at 602-997- 1101 or email with any questions and to register. New Group starting October 9, 2017.

Guarantee your activity will set you up for the best 12 weeks you have ever experienced.


Connie Kadansky, PCC, nationally recognized Sales Call Reluctance Coach and President of Exceptional Sales Performance Connie has worked within diverse industries for 18 years helping salespeople overcome their Sales Call Reluctance, develop strategy and structure and to get their ‘ask’ in gear. Feel free to visit her LinkedIn profile for recommendations!

Ed Howat, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, RCC, founder and president of Addie Woods Consulting, a firm specializing in performance coaching and instructional design. Million Dollar Round Table producer as well as award-winning sales manager, starting from scratch and over three years ranked 8 th in production among 182 District Offices.

Testimonials for Participants in the 12 Week Year Programs:

Parallel Futures is so glad we chose Connie to help lead our team through the principles of the 12 Week Year.  With Connie’s guidance, our team’s focus and morale is much improved and we are on track to having an amazing finish to the year.  In addition, embracing these principles has enhanced our company culture and made us work more effectively as a team as we celebrate each of our personal successes. Putting the 12 Week Year concepts to work will be the key differentiator between success and failure in this increasingly competitive world.  Thank you Connie!

Mary Hughes, Managing Partner, Parallel Futures International

“Wanted to give you a quick update to my first 12 week period…over $90,000 in production (goal was $70K), finished 31 books (goal was 25), & averaged going to the gym 4 times per week! There may be something to this program after all. – Thanks!”

-Kevin H.

“Since implementing the 12 Week Year TM I’ve nearly doubled my production – in just 7 weeks!”

-Bill M.

“Periodization is the missing link for me. It ensures that I get the important things done, keeping me honest with myself.”

-Steve L.

“We had one of the lowest ranking sales office in the country when I began managing it. I credit Periodization & the 12 Week Year system for establishing us as being one of the fastest growing offices in the company that year. We lived and breathed the 12 Week Year!”

-Trung T.

“Since applying The 12 Week Year my production is up over 40%, I’m fulfilling my personal commitments and have more life balance.”

-Lon H.