Want to Monetize your Coaching Practice?

Connie Kadansky 

Monetizing Your Coaching Practice Mastermind Group:  12 Weeks


Each member will 1: Define their niche, 2: Identify and create three prosperous lead generation channels and 3: Secure paid coaching engagements

What it is:

A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective wisdom of others.  This group of smart coaches will meet weekly for 12 weeks.  They will be part of an exclusive community that will cooperate and collaborate as business advisors of sorts as they extend their network with new learning and possibly cross-promotion and most importantly think bigger.

Who should consider this Mastermind Group:

  • Coaches who want to identify with the Aspirations and Challenges listed above.

Our Mastermind Member’s Aspirations!

They love learning
They love coaching
They love to help others
They love to share energy
They love a sense of community
They enjoy their coaching practice
They love to co-create with others
They want to be paid appropriately
They are committed to the greater good
They love making a difference for others
They want to be valued for their coaching
They dream of running profitable practices
They love adventure into new experiences
Stop feeling overwhelmed about marketing
They are inspired by what is working for other coaches
They want a process to market and sell that is easy for them
They yearn for the phone to ring and referrals to flood into their experience
They love networking that fast tracks their own businesses (learning from others)

Our Mastermind Member’s Challenges:

They do not charge enough
They do not have a roadmap
They have not narrowed a niche
They do not know how to market
They do not know how to prospect
They do not leverage relationships
They experience Sales Call Reluctance
They are not comfortable self-promoting
They believe that selling is not appropriate
They are not comfortable selling their services
They are not running highly profitable practices
They don’t know how to leverage their relationships
They rely too much on social media will build their businesses
They do not know how to use LinkedIn to build their network
They do not know how to develop a lead generation channel
They believe they do not have time to build a marketing structure
They do not have a clear, concise, compelling value proposition that is customized.

Roadmap to Create the Mastermind Objective:

  1. Identify Prospects:  Your Target Market
  2. Initiate Contact
  3. Introduce yourself, your services
  4. Inform Meeting
  5. Influence them to retain you
  6. Return on Investment (we will measure!)

Financial Investment

Program Fees: The introductory price for the group coaching process is $695 per participant.

Time Commitment: Your attendance at each one-hour group session is required as is your participation on the calls, and you will be expected to complete your committed activities between sessions. (You decide how much time you have to build your coaching practice.

Next Steps:

Call Connie Kadansky today at 602-997- 1101 or email with any questions and to register. New Group starting soon.

Guarantee your activity will set you up for the best 12 weeks you have ever experienced. You will create momentum to grow your coaching practice.


Connie Kadansky, PCC, nationally recognized Sales Call Reluctance Coach and President of Exceptional Sales Performance Connie has worked within diverse industries for 20 years helping salespeople overcome their Sales Call Reluctance, develop strategy and structure and to get their ‘ask’ in gear. Feel free to visit her LinkedIn profile for recommendations!

Testimonials for Members of Monetizing Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coaching Mastermind Group:

Working with people who have a shared interest in C-IQ and common values allowed me to focus more and increased my accountability for results. From that I was motivated and energized as a result has helped me advance my business proposals and to take action. Dan

Thinking bigger. Reaching different markets. Expanding the way I think about where this [C-IQ] could play. Including a new opportunity HARO. I am closer to taking action on a more consistent basis. Becky.

Mostly inspiration, a lot of ideas. No measurable. Given me confidence. Made me see I am creative. Clear direction a lot of focus. Great ideas. Lois

Being exposed to others’ ideas. Brainstorming. Contributing to the framework. Value is hearing others. Taking ideas filtering and seeing what works for you and what doesn’t. Marian

The biggest impact for me was it changed my mindset from this is a chore to this is something I can play with and have fun with. I have high marks for the facilitators. They gave us a disciplined two hours. It meant a lot to me. There was an agenda and we always knew where we were accountable and what was going to transpire. I quite like the structure. I’m over the hump in marketing and this is the first time I have ever been able to do that. There is a momentum that I want to sustain. I am not sure how to do that solo. This has been mind expanding. I have welcomed and embraced all thinking. Always a nugget of wisdom throughout the call. Facilitators have opened doors for us to speaking freely. The best of any C-IQ experience and they all have been good. But this is the best. Mary Anne

The personal element of this group has helped me the most. To be open to influence in the company of colleagues I am safe with. Huge for me. I’ve spent my life hiding my authenticity. This group gave me structure, clarity, momentum, and open to influence. Very profound. Maureen

Being in this mastermind group has helped me focus and expand my ideas of successful business and how to get there. The synergy of the group, along with the facilitation of topics and discussion helped solidify my path from individual coaching to business or corporate coaching using C-IQ. Having the organization and structure of the agenda kept the meetings professional, supportive and transformational. The goal of the group was to monetize our C-IQ learning. While I don’t have a signed contract/proposal today, I have one in the works and I know that I can count on the expertise of my group to help me with future engagements. Kerri Thompson and Connie Kadansky were fabulous facilitators who I hope to keep working with! Molly McCormick MA, CPPC, C-IQ Coach

Participating in the C-IQ Marketing Mastermind, that was brilliantly Co-created and co-facilitated by Kerri Thompson and Connie Kadansky, helped me to gain back some of my confidence in my overall professionalism and reboot my frazzled overwhelmed psyche. Finding this safe place to verbally process and self-reflect on the evolution of my personal brand allowed me to envision my worth so I could seek out the ROI I deserve, with the confidence level needed to succeed in the endeavor. Wendy