What is it like when you make prospecting calls and your prospect answers their phone?  It’s cool; huh?  It’s fun! It’s progress!

How many sales calls do you actually take on a daily basis?

Isn’t it hypocritical to expect prospects to answer the phone when you are prospecting, however, you duck and dodge salespeople who are genuinely making their calls and doing their job?

Please don’t tell me that you are super busy and you don’t have time to take calls.  Isn’t your ideal prospect busy too?

Want to have more prospecting success?  Unplug your Caller ID and when you are not on the phone making your prospecting calls, start answering your phone!  You will create exceptional prospecting Karma!

Be authentic with the salesperson.  Listen!  You don’t have to buy and it’s okay to tell them you are not a good prospect for them.  Be encouraging. Tell them you appreciate them doing their job and let them hang up feeling more confident.

Feel free to take a complimentary  Prospecting EKG and find out if Sales Call Reluctance is keeping you from engaging your prospects.