Do you have an inability to profit from experience?

Most high achievers have a morning routine that sets them up for a focused, productive day. However, not too many have an end-of-the day routine that puts the bow on the present!

The value of the end-of-the day review is two fold. gift

1) Recommend you write down three things that worked. Allow yourself to acknowledge and appreciate your progress. Feel the feeling of achievement. Most people need a grand slam achievement to ever give themselves a pat on the back.

2) Choose one thing (event, interaction, something you said) that you would have liked to have been different. For example, when you were talking to a prospect and you didn’t ask that one critical question; you messed up and were late for an appointment; or you blurted out a bit of gossip that you knew was not appropriate.

It’s okay. Very few of us have mastered the game. We all make mistakes.

Now, sit still, breathe, close your eyes and re-enact (visualize) how you have liked the event or interaction to have gone. Visualize yourself asking the prospect that critical question at the appropriate time. Visualize yourself calmly driving to the appointment with a few minutes to spare. Re-enact and experience not gossiping in the particular situation.

What does this do? It actually re-wires your brain and neutralizes the negative. The best part is that next time when you are in that situation you will likely ask that critical question at the appropriate time or you’ll allow yourself plenty of time to get to the appointment and you will bite your tongue and not gossip because you know it is causes others to not trust you.

Continue to do this exercise daily and you will be profoundly aware of your ability to process your daily experiences so that you continue to advance in skill and you will profit from your daily experiences. The good news, is that your brain works fast. This exercise should take you around seven minutes max, that includes writing down the three things that worked.