Do you suffer from Monday Morning Blues?

Recently a client shared that he woke up on Monday and was looking forward to the week! That is music to my coaching ears.

Call Reluctance is nothing to be embarrassed about, living with it needlessly is.

There are four steps to Overcome Call Reluctance:

1) Become acutely aware of how you feel about your day. If you are dreading the day,  the negative feeling is worthy of your attention. It’s okay to name the emotion. Hiding, denying and suppressing negative emotions is detrimental to your health.

2) Assess your call reluctance. Feel free to take the complimentary assessment and invest in the comprehensive assessment that measures the 16 types of Call Reluctance. Taking a diagnostic evaluation is vital to moving forward. When salespeople see their answers to the questions, it shocks them into taking action to solve their call reluctance problem. Please email to take the comprehensive assessment or call 602-380-5431.

3) Admit that your call reluctance is costing you big bucks, and more importantly, your self-worth is taking a big hit. Admitting/Accepting the fact that you are experiencing call reluctance is vital to your future success. Accepting is the most misunderstood emotion. Accepting does not mean that you like or endorse it. It only means you see things as they are.

4) Apply proven techniques to Overcome Call Reluctance, customized by the type of call reluctance you experience, plus my many years of coaching with specific tips and techniques in my coaching tool belt.

What will it be like to wake up on Monday looking forward to your week?