Get Psyched Up to Make Prospecting Calls

Recently someone asked me “What do you recommend salespeople do to get mentally prepared to make their prospecting calls?” 

Great question.  Take quiet time every morning to review your long and short-term goals and dreams.  Prospecting takes discipline.  Discipline is simply remembering what you want!  Get emotionally connected to what is important to you first thing in the morning.  Review your business plan.  Review your vision board.  Begin with the end in mind.  Set your intentions for the day.

To mentally prepare for your prospecting activity remind yourself of the value you bring to your clients/customers.  How do you serve them?  How do you make a big difference in their lives and businesses?  For example, I serve people by helping them enjoy more career satisfaction, to develop deeper levels of confidence and make more money.  Let’s go deeper into career satisfaction.  When people experience more career satisfaction, they smile more and have fun. Therefore everyone around them has more fun.  The more fun they experience, the more positive energy they generate. When someone is having fun, they are more tolerant and less critical of themselves and others.  In essence, I help people feel better about themselves and others.  That is truly serving humanity!

When you are focused on being of service to people, you cannot be immersed in self-centered fears that keep you from initiating contact. 

Please share how you serve people.  Love to hear your comments!