Embody Your Value Heart

How important are you?

A few years ago, I was coaching a rookie executive recruiter.  He was former military and had tremendous discipline and drive.  He worked hard on learning his new career. He made his 60+ calls a day.  As beginner’s luck would have it, within four months, he had a $50,000 month.  A beginner’s dream.  Then something interesting happened. The next month he had zero income. The second month – zero.  The third month – zero.  He left the industry.  At the time, I thought, hum . . . he must have outperformed his own sense of value.

What is your sense of value?  Do you experience yourself as a priceless human being who is an essential piece of the success puzzle, no matter what you do?  It is becoming clearer as the minutes go by that we are interdependent. 

When your sense of value truly registers in your heart and your conscious mind, you will never doubt your worth.

Who depends on you to do your job?  Who relies on you to follow through?

How do you remind yourself that you are instrumental in fulfilling your place in this world?  Do you see yourself weaving your gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, courage, empathy into the tapestry of your marketplace?