In order to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance, self-reflection is a vital component.

Self-reflection is an essential component to overcoming Sales Call Reluctance because it allows salespeople to gain insight into their thoughts, feelings and actions. It is a process of self-examination of behavior and beliefs to make positive changes. Yet many salespeople do not like to self-reflect because:

1.      Self-reflection can bring up uncomfortable emotions, such as guilt, shame, or regret. Many people avoid self-reflection to avoid experiencing these emotions.

2.      Many salespeople live busy lives with work, family, and other obligations, leaving them little time for introspection.

3.      Self-reflection can lead to personal growth and change which can be daunting to some. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone and avoid the uncertainty that comes with change.

4.      Lack of awareness. Some people may not be aware of the benefits of self-reflection and may not see the valuable use of time.

5.      Self-reflection can also bring up insecurities and fears about being judged by oneself or others.

Self-reflection is a skill that can be developed with practice, and it can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and greater personal growth.

What is your relationship with self-reflection?