Achieve Greater Success: Master Proven Negotiation Techniques to Exceed Your Goals.

Master the Art of Sales Negotiation:

10-Week Master Class for people ready to elevate their sales game.

Gear up because we're about to embark on a transformative journey. We invite you to dive into a series of vibrant, energy-packed sessions, each carved out to be a 90-minute oasis of curiosity and growth. This excursion will extend over the span of 10 marvelous Mondays or Tuesdays where every session is meticulously crafted to help you not just make strides, but BIG leaps!

Prepare to connect at these tailored times: 3:30 PST, 4:30 MST, 5:30 CST, and 6:30 EST. As for the lift-off date? Keep an eye on your inbox. We'll be sparking the curiosity engines soon. Get ready to practice, learn, and enjoy your sales process as you land more deals.

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Connie Kadansky - Master Sales Coach

Maxine Attong - Gestalt Executive Coach

Maxine Attong - Gestalt Coach

Learn Strategies And Tactics To Close More Deals And Increase Your Revenue.

Over this 10-week Master Class, you will:

  • Improve Your Information-Gathering and Influence-Building Skills

Understand the psychology of your prospects, ask the right questions, and discover how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

  • Earn the Trust of Your Prospects

Build trust with your prospects to establish long-lasting relationships that increase the likelihood of closing deals and achieving your goals.

  • Develop the Top Skills of the Highest Producers

Learn the best techniques and practices used by the most successful people and how to apply them to your sales process.

  • Open the Floodgates of Truth-Telling

Embrace the power of a transparent and authentic approach and discover upfront honesty that will increase your credibility and close more deals.

  • Intentionally Use Neuroscience to Influence Emotions

Truly understand your prospects’ emotional triggers in the buying process and how to use this knowledge to influence their decision-making.

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Four Reasons Why Negotiation Skills Are Essential To Your Success

  • You’ll create mutually beneficial agreements with your customers by honing your skills. When you understand their needs and concerns, you’ll master crafting tailored solutions, resulting in increased sales and stronger customer relationships. 
  • Effective negotiation skills can empower you to navigate and overcome objections in the sales process. By actively listening and understanding your customer’s concerns and Black Swans (those unexpected hidden concerns), you can unearth game-changing negotiation dynamics, address concerns, provide solutions, and drive conversations forward. 
  • Negotiation skills are vital for establishing long-lasting, strong customer relationships. By honing your negotiation skills, you’ll demonstrate a willingness to listen and work towards mutually beneficial solutions, increasing loyalty and repeat business.
  • Mastering negotiation skills will help you close more deals. By effectively communicating the value of your product or service and negotiating acceptable terms with both parties, you’ll increase your chances of making a sale.

Negotiation is a powerful tool for any professional. You’ll immensely benefit from increased success when you learn to negotiate effectively with your prospects.

Learn this invaluable skill for an investment of just $597.

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As a seasoned outside salesman, I thought I knew it all until, I met Connie. I implemented 2-3 of the basic techniques and it works in real life sales scenarios! I am on target to meet my annual goals and it’s only the first quarter of 2023.

- Andy Garcia, Kaiser Premier

Master Class based on neuroscientific techniques from Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator.

The techniques are like a miracle to gather information and to influence prospects to open up a conversation.

- PJ Russotto, Insurance sales

I used, “are you opposed“ and an explanation with ‘because’, to not only set an appointment with a reluctant customer; but also for the time that I wanted.  It works!!

-Neil Munzinger, Electronics Manufacturing Sales

Don’t miss this opportunity to master proven negotiation skills and techniques and exceed your 2023 sales target. 

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Participant Feedback

The "Never Split the Difference" course teaches becoming an effective negotiator.

Connie and Maxine will explain techniques to help you improve your sales, business, or personal interactions.

Be prepared to read, learn, and 'practice' techniques that will initially be uncomfortable. Why? Negotiating is learning wants and desires and coming to an agreement that will be a satisfying experience where both are satisfied with the outcome. 

There are numerous selling techniques. This course is negotiating using techniques to improve your skills where people know you are listening. 

Connie and Maxine will teach where you will realize, "I never thought about it that way," which leads to an understanding that attending this course will be of value to the products or services you offer. 

- Raymond Lavine, Long Term Care Sales

"A 'no' question saved a home sale from going south. I love the counter-intuitive techniques that make for a deeper connection with counterparts."

- Vickie Bouffard, Loan Officer

"Any salesperson who strives to be a top performer must read, study, PRACTICE and own the techniques."

- Kevin Hughes, Business Owner