Roadmap to Revenue

A 12-week Mastermind for Professional Coaches 

Get More Paid Clients for Your Coaching Business 

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Conquer Your Fear of Selling

Get Paid What You're Worth

Help More People Reach Their Goals

You Became a Coach to Change Lives, Not Make Sales  

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As a Coach you want to make a difference in people's lives and the world. You also want to make a living and have a consistant flow of paying clients.  

You've completed your coach training and maybe you've also received your accreditation(if so congrats). 

So where are the clients?  

Now it's up to you to promote yourself and sell...this can be scary!

If promoting yourself doesn't come easy for you, you are not alone. The most challenging part of building a coaching practice is finding new clients.  

If you are like most people, this challenge is a result of one thing: FEAR!  

Fear of putting yourself out there

Fear of asking for what you're worth

Fear of "closing" the contract and turning them into a paying client  

When you overcome your fear, you're able to:

  • Breakout of your comfort zone
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Embrace previously unknown opportunities  

So, how do you overcome your fear of selling so that you can find new clients?

You do that using my proven, three-phase Roadmap to Revenue process where you will overcome your fear of selling and self-promotion, position yourself to get noticed, and create a reliable process to sustain profitability.

Happy mature woman talking on phone

Did you know, if you're able to coach then you're able to sell!

It may surprise you...there are many similarities between coaching and selling

  • Developing trust as the foundation 
  • Listening to what is being said and not said 
  • Utilizing the power of questions to reach solutions
  • Being fully present and responding in the moment  
  • Creating a partnership for optimal results 

  • Operating with integrity and in an ethical manner 
  • Development of authentic relationships
  • Approaching the conversation with curiosity 
  • Creating awareness  
  • Co-creating actions for progress 

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You’ll also receive 4.5 Core Competency CEUs and 12.5 Resource Development from International Coach Federation (ICF) upon completion.

The Approach

This group coaching program is designed to help you learn, step-by-step, how to generate real revenue in your coaching practice.

job establishing your niche and identifying ideal prospects
comfortable prospecting
lead generation channels

Phase 1: PLAN 

  • Define your niche 
  • Identify target prospects  
  • Create a profitable prospecting action Plan

Phase 2: PROCESS  

  • Shift your mindset to break out of your comfort zone 
  • Overcome your fear of selling 
  • Get your "ASK" in gear  

Phase 3: PROFIT  

  • Establish 3 prosperous lead generation channels 
  • Achieve Industry Specific Celebrity Status 
  • Track and measure your return on investment

What You'll Learn

  • The skills and confidence to overcome your fear of selling and self-promotion
  • Enhancing your LinkedIn profile to connect with potential clients
  • Position yourself to get noticed online and in-person
  • How to find speaking opportunities virtually and locally 
  • Create a reliable process to sustain profitability and track your progress  

It's Time to Get Paid What You're Worth!

What to Expect

Connection & Community
Accountability & Support
Tools & Resources

Results from Previous Participants

John Boggs, ICF Certified Coach

"You challenged us to achieve $5K per month in revenue. I am proud to report I am close to $6K. I also closed a proposal with a client -- wait for it . . . $59K++!! Your Mastermind played a big part in this success." - John Boggs, ICF Certified Coach  

Malia Monaco, MA, ICF-ACC

"The experience has made a dramatic impact on my coaching business. I’ve gained tools and skills in approaching new prospects, and have the confidence to secure prospects into paying clients. My mindset has shifted. Connie provides support, guidance, and accountability." - Malia Monaco, MA, ICF-ACC

Mary Patry, ICF Certified Coach

"Thanks to Connie’s coaching and support, I successfully landed a 10-month Group coaching contract with my ideal client. As a non-sales executive, I did not see myself as a salesperson, even though I know intellectually we are all salespeople. Connie convinced me to embody my value and get my ask in gear." - Mary Patry, ICF Certified Coach

There's no need to do this alone. Gain a guide and a group to support you.

More About Your Facilitator: 

A Noted Authority on Call Reluctance and Sales Productivity  

Connie Kadansky, MCC has worked with powerhouse organizations including Fortune 50 corporations, Universities, Multi-national organizations, and National non-profits & Associations. She has written articles for and also been written about in publications including The Wall Street Journal, CEO, Inc., Bloomberg Businessweek, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, Small Business Opportunities, and many more.  

Connie’s speaking, training, and coaching offers tools and techniques that help coaches immediately break through personal barriers, improve their business development skills, and begin to significantly increase their visiblity in their marketplace. In addition, participants learn technical and emotional skills that help them to confidently sell their services and run a profitable coaching practice.

Connie Kadansky Sales Expert
The Wall Street Journal
Bloomberg Business Week
Smart Brief
Certified In Conversational Intelligence

Imagine yourself feeling confident achieving profitability in your coaching practice and making a greater impact in your clients' lives.

What are the Details?

Next Start Date: November 4, 2019

1 Hour / Week for 12 Weeks (Every Monday at 8:00am PST / 11:00 am EST) 

We meet virtually via Zoom and each group is limited to only 6 members 

Your investment is $695 or three payments of $235 (first payment due upon approved application) 

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Once you complete your application, your submission will be reviewed and the program with be explained. I am grateful for your interest and look forward to talking with you soon.