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Are You Too Nice to Close the Deal?

With the onslaught of Relationship Selling philosophies, many salespeople are building relationships but are not closing sales. Salespeople who experience Yielder Sales Call Reluctance are approval seekers who lack assertiveness. They give creative control to their prospects and lose connection to their own value.

This course shifts salespeople’s mindsets to embrace their value and position themselves as a true guide who has authority and who will ask for the business appropriately.

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Fearless Prospecting is Learned Behavior: How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance®

Prospecting skills are a “must” for salespeople. This course is designed to help salespeople of all types get comfortable and consistent with the prospecting activity. It includes the four steps to Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance and provides practical solutions to the fear of prospecting.

Seventy percent (70%) of the sale is engagement and uncovering needs. Hesitation to make contact with prospective buyers causes more failures for salespeople than any other single factor. Why? Because if you don’t approach enough people, it makes little sense how thorough your expertise is. Without a steady flow of prospects, your magnetic personality, credentials, product knowledge and perfect presentations won’t make much impact. Inactivity on the prospecting front nullifies your ability to engage these other strengths.

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