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Roadmap to Revenue™ Mastermind Group Exclusively for Salespeople

Learn the 3 Phase Process to Secure New Clients & Customers

My guess is you love selling, you just don’t keep your pipeline optimally full.

But how many problems can you solve for prospects, if you’re not making sales?

I’m here to provide you with the tools, confidence, and support to get strategic, build a structure and get in front of new prospects on a consistent basis.

What is a Mastermind Group:

A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective wisdom of others. This group of smart salespeople will meet weekly for 12 weeks. They will be part of an exclusive community that will cooperate and collaborate as business advisors of sorts as they extend their network with new learning and possibly cross-promotion and most importantly think bigger.

What does profitability mean to you?

Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance™ 

Fear squashes profitability. When you overcome your fear of prospecting you create previously unknown opportunities.

Positioning yourself with confidence 

Harness and share what makes you unique. Become memorable and be the salesperson who stands out from the crowd.

Launching your action plan

Break out of your comfort zone, set yourself up for success, and take action to create lasting profitability.

Why Participate?

If prospecting doesn’t come easy for you, you’re not alone. According to research, prospecting is the weakest link for salespeople.

So, how do you find new clients?

Through my proven three-phase Roadmap to Revenue™ Process where you will overcome your fear of prospecting and self-promotion, position yourself to get noticed and create a reliable process to sustain profitability.

Roadmap to Revenue™ Process

Phase 1: PLAN

  • Establish Your Vision
  • Emotionally Connect to Your Vision
  • Take Ownership

Phase 2: PROCESS 

  • Identify Your Key Performance Indicators
  • Develop Your Plan
  • Take Control of Your Day
  • Keep Score
  • Get your “Ask” in Gear

Phase 3: PROFIT 

  • Establish 3 prosperous lead generation channels
  • Achieve Industry Specific Celebrity Status
  • Track and measure your return on investment

Financial Investment

Program Fees: The introductory price for the group coaching process is $895 per participant.

Time Commitment: Your attendance at each one-hour group session is required as is your participation on the calls, and you will be expected to complete your committed activities between sessions. (You decide how much time you have to build your sales pipeline.) 


3 Monthly Payments of $325

Pay in Full $895 (save $75)

Become a success story and achieve profitability!

“When I started in the 12 Week Year Group Coaching, I was moving from selling personal insurance to commercial insurance in a completely new marketplace. By creating a Vision and implementing planning and process control, plus participating in the group calls, I sold my first commercial policy to a hotel with a $35,000 annual premium.  My confidence has increased. ” ~ Justin Melton, Country Corner Insurance


“I enrolled in one of Connie’s excellent classes. The next 12 months were the highest income months of my career! I also sent some of my sales team to the class with outstanding and measurable results. Connie is a true teacher and sharer of knowledge. I continue to gain ongoing value from my relationship with Connie. Her dedication to constant development of her programs and staying ‘current’, make her a top trainer in our profession. I highly recommend Connie’s training classes, consulting and speaking services!”~ Dave Tiller, Vice President, Legal Solutions at UnitedLex

It’s Time to Invest in Yourself! Creating a strong 1st quarter sets you up for a solid 2019

Where will you be mid-March if you don’t make this investment in yourself?

Where will you be when you do make this investment?

The Roadmap to Revenue™ Mastermind was created exclusively for salespeople – EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU!

Imagine yourself feeling confident achieving profitability in your business and make a greater impact in your client’s lives.

Don’t go at this alone, leverage the power of the Roadmap to Revenue™ Mastermind group.

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