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Build a cohesive team by understanding them as a whole

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You don’t need to change your team,
you need to align them

Your team is created from individuals with their own personalities, preferences, and unique ways of working. It’s not uncommon for problems to arise among teams causing targets to be missed, tensions to rise, and your business to suffer.

As frustrating as it is when your team is misaligned, blaming, calling out, or even dismissing team members isn’t the solution. Investing a little time and energy into understanding the relationships between your people is what makes the impossible possible.

Create a thriving, productive, and happy team

If your team could communicate effectively and everyone took responsibility for themselves, you’ll create a team who brings their best selves forward.

By creating team alliance you’ll enjoy less stress, a happier and more motivated team, and your business will benefit greatly from the flow of productivity.

By aligning your team, you can:

  • Overcome poor or toxic communication patterns that unbalance your team
  • Communicate clearly and effectively avoiding confusion and misunderstandings
  • Build team morale and positivity increasing productivity and job satisfaction
  • Avoid and resolve conflict without the drama and negative energy
  • Create team synergy and alignment making your team unstoppable

Want this for your team?

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I help teams by revealing what’s really going on

Team coaching
with Connie Kadansky

Master Certified Coach

I bring my 25 years of coaching experience, combined with my training in organization and development systems, to align your team, enhance productivity, and create a happy and healthy working environment for everyone. 

This isn’t your off-the-shelf coaching or team building exercise, I focus on teams as a system. Using tools, exercises, and techniques to reveal the unspoken relationships without spotlighting the rascals or humiliating anyone. 

By progressively unfolding the team, we can take care of what’s going on in the moment, listen and learn and start to build a strong team alliance. 

Unlock the power of a team that’s been acknowledged and heard

By holding up a mirror and reflecting underlying issues, I’ll help reveal and articulate what’s holding your team back. You’ll learn how to handle conflict and build strong working relationships, enabling you all to make better choices, change, and grow.

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Team Alliance

We’ll identify where your team is misaligned. Looking at what’s truly going on within the team, identifying patterns of blame and defensive behavior, we’ll find out what the conflict is.

Conflict Protocol

We’ll create a conflict protocol to flush out the toxins. This isn’t about blame, we’ll create a safe space allowing everyone to recognize their own part in creating toxicity.

Through these exercises we make sure everyone gets heard, feels respected, and valued.

Your team will be able to understand their responsibilities and be in agreement on how to resolve conflict moving forward. Your business will begin to thrive with a strong team working together cohesively.

It’s time to feel optimistic about your team’s future

We’ll start with a facilitated two hour program working through Team Alliance and Conflict Protocol.

This is for you if:

  • You have a small team of 3-5 people
  • You’d like to have systems and processes in place to ensure efficiency
  • You want to understand your team and how they work
  • You want to know how to integrate new people effectively
  • You want to work together more cohesively

This isn’t a one-and-done system. Together, we’ll create ongoing step-by-step processes that work for your team.

We’ll ensure this isn’t ‘another thing that didn’t work’, we’ll be using practical tools to create real dialogue and solve complex problems so your team doesn’t fall back into old habits.

Want this for your team?

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Testimonials for Relationship Systems Coaching Methodology

“Rather than saying ‘sort this out,’ it is asking the team how we can go about this and listening to all the voices.”

COO of a Multinational

“The work we do is all about relationships. We’re not helping people do their job. We’re helping them how to be in their job and how to be with others; it’s relationship work. And that’s the piece I think that is absolutely missing now in many organizations.”

Leadership Development Officer of Technology Company


How is this different from team building?

This isn’t a few standard exercises that get forgotten as soon as you’re back to work. My approach focuses on revealing the problems and getting to the deep route of the conflict. We’ll create an understanding around how each person works and their responsibilities, ensuring everyone feels heard and understood.

We’ve used a coach before, how is this different?

My approach uses methodology that has evolved and developed over the years. I don’t just use any old models, I combine modern and effective techniques to make a significant difference to your team, and I help you follow through so you don’t fall back into the same patterns.

What’s next after the 2 hour program?

The next phase is tailor-made to you. I work with you and your team to discover the best time and resources needed to continue our journey to a team working in synergy.

Are we committed to continue after the initial program?

Not at all. If you feel you’ve got what you need from our time together you are under no obligation to book ongoing coaching.

Want to unlock your team’s potential, build intentional relationships and create a cohesive team?

I’m ready to help you do just that.

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