Sales Call Reluctance is a Costly Habit

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When you reach out to prospects and they are not responsive, what do you make it mean? Do you make it mean that they don’t like you? That they don’t like salespeople? That they love their current supplier or provider? That they are a jerk? That prospecting doesn’t work?

As humans we are meaning making machines. We make up stories to help us psychologically cope with our experiences. The good news is you can stop the stories and create a profitable prospecting perspective that yields successful results.

What if you reconciled to the fact that you are a professional lead generator who happens to sell (insurance, financial services, software, etc.)? When salespeople adopt this perspective with every fiber of their body, their prospecting becomes an adventure and they become masters at the emotional aspect of prospecting.

The first step in overcoming Sales Call Reluctance is to be aware of it. How do you know whether you have call reluctance? Check your bank account and your appointment calendar.

The second step is to assess your call reluctance. There is assessment that you can financially invest and find out exactly which of the 12 types of Call Reluctance you experience which includes a plan for your way forward. If you are mildly curious you can take a free assessment at Prospecting EKG

Third step in overcoming Sales Call Reluctance is to admit that you are emotionally hesitating to prospect and promote your product or services. Sometimes intellectual pride blinds people from admitting the reality that will set them free.

The fourth step is to apply proven techniques to overcome Sales Call Reluctance. The foundational prescription is Thought Realignment, using observation and shifting your mindset and emotional connection to prospecting — realigning, reorienting your internal communication around the prospecting experience.

Feel free to register today for a webinar titled on September 28, Fearless Prospecting is Learned Behavior Fearless Prospecting is Learned Behavior

Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance coach also sells the only assessment in the world that measures for Sales Call Reluctance. or 602-997-1101.