Sales Managers: Are you Contaminating Your Salespeople with Sales Call Reluctance?

Mirror managers

If you have salespeople who are experiencing Sales Call Reluctance, have you ever thought that you may have Sales Call Reluctance issues, too?  It’s a tough pill to swallow to look within and recognize Call Reluctance issues that may be affecting your sales team.  Behavioral psychologists George Dudley and Shannon Goodson found in their research that salespeople “mirror their managers” when it comes to Sales Call Reluctance.

Over my 12 years of training sales organizations specifically around Sales Call Reluctance some CEOs and sales managers have admitted that they simply were unaware of how they were contaminating their team.  Kudos to them for having the confidence and high self-esteem to recognize that they needed to take a serious look and confront their call reluctance issues through coaching and training.

Role rejection call reluctance is one that I see the most — rejecting the role of sales.  Sales managers telling their people to get out there and sell but “not to be salesy.”  That is clear Role Rejection Call Reluctance.

If you secretly detect any call reluctance, please take the assessment that measures Sales Call Reluctance and design your plan to overcome your issues.

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