Serious about overcoming Sales Call Reluctance?

Business Man If Sales Call Reluctance is costing you money, self-confidence and career satisfaction, just know that Call Reluctance is a learned behavior.  Hundreds of scientific studies tell us that when people change the course of thinking, they change the course of their emotions.  Your thinking triggers emotion.  Slow down and notice that you are pre-playing the call in your mind and projecting your thoughts, fear, doubt onto the prospecting call.  Yes, you are a projector and what is coming back to you is a reflection of what you project out.

What are you projecting on to your calls?  Allow yourself to identify what your negative intruders are –they are the thoughts that intrude on your successful prospecting.  The solution to your call reluctance is hidden in the theme of your negative intruders.  Your freedom from call reluctance is in your willingness to identify your negative intruders.

Peak performance athletes, i.e., Aaron Rodgers, the QB for the Green Bay Packers, shared that he learned to pre-play events from his sixth-grade coach.  Michael Jordan and Jack Nichlaus are on record as to pre-playing in great detail in their minds before their sports event.

If these elite athletes are doing this, there is no reason it cannot work for salespeople who are prospecting.  I recommend that you pre-play how you want to “be” when you are prospecting.  This takes practice and it works!!  Shoot me an email if you have any questions about this [email protected]