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Sales Call Reluctance is Fear of Self-Promotion at the Core







No more putting band-aids on Sales Call Reluctance.

Fear is a mental response to a perceived threat.

At the core of Sales Call Reluctance are four (4) blocks:

Limited beliefs

Assumptions (experience plus emotion)


Inner critic that sits on your shoulder and whispers doubts in your ear.

Identifying your energy blocks is key to overcoming Sales Call Reluctance.

When you are reaching for the phone and you stop, immediately write down what is causing you to stop.  Capture it on paper.  Once you do this you can eliminate on the energy blocks by exposing them.  Gently.  That is the key.  Be gentle as you expose your fears.

Once you write down what it causing you to stop.  What is the theme?  Can you identify it?

That is the first step.  Stay tuned for the next step tomorrow.

Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance Coach helps salespeople get their ask in gear and overcome Sales Call Reluctance.  602-997-1101 or connie@exceptionalsales.com


Would you call a prospect 80 times if you knew you would eventually land their business?

Yesterday I talked with a proven top sales performer.  I asked her to share her most recent success story.  She shared that she just landed a company that she had called 80 times in the last four years.  At first I thought that was pretty excessive, until I did the math.  She called  approximately every six weeks and four years later landed the client.  That is what I call persistence!

Please listen to my blog talk radio interview with Scott Love about how to make successful sales calls.  He talks about how we influence our prospects by our voice.  73% of a phone conversation is your tonality (pace, pitch, volume, inflection, pausing, attitude).


Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance coach, 602-997-1101 or connie@exceptionalsales.com, helping salespeople get their ask in gear.

What causes cold call reluctance?


Most cases of cold call reluctance are simply because a salespeople needs to do some internal and external homework!

If you have truly done your homework and know who your ideal prospect is and what problem you solve for them. . .  you will be calling into your ideal target market.  Seriously.  Then you can say "We work with several companies similar to yours. . . " One component of "Influence" is establishing commonality.  You can warm up a "cold" call fast. 

Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance coach, can guide you through your homework so you are confident and comfortable prospecting. Call
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Connie Kadansky: Are you guilty of going after the low-hanging fruit?

Lemon tree

This is what our lemon tree looked like!  We had picked all the low-hanging fruit so this weekend I was determined to pick the lemons that were way, way out of reach.   (By the way, we live in Phoenix, Arizona USA– where the sun shines 350 days of the year).

My neighbor loaned me her fruit picker and I promised her fresh lemons. (Reciprocity: the first component of Influence)


As I was going about this task and carefully positioning myself so that I didn't get scratched by the sharp thorns, it become so clear how similar it was to sales. 

How many of you are noticing that there is NO low-hanging fruit in your industry?  It has been picked!

The first thing you need to do is notice that there are a lot of beautiful ripe prospects at the top of the tree.   Next you need to have the right tools, without which you will not succeed.  Do you have the right tools to achieve your goals?  You must possess the dogged determination to get to the qualified prospects and experiment with how you are going to position yourself.  You have to be okay if you get a little scratched up.  Get momentum so when you are on a roll, you keep moving.  What joy to be able to pluck the fruit one by one.  You can do this with prospecting with the right Strategy, Structure and Execution. 

If you are still walking around your "tree" hoping to find one of the hidden prospects within your reach, go for it.  However, the #1 rule in profitable prospecting is:  Do Not Kid Thyself.

Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance coach, can help you stop kidding yourself and knuckle down and get moving.  602-997-1101 or connie@exceptionalsales.com