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Stop fibbing to prospects!

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Q:  What is the quickest way to blow your credibility with prospects?

A:   Tell them you are not trying to sell them something.


There are multi-billion dollar organizations that have financial advisors and salespeople telling prospects this all day every day.  And they wonder why their prospects dis-trust them.

The fact of the matter is that it is a “big fat fib” and the prospect knows it.  If salespeople are not trying to sell something, why in the world are they talking to prospects?  Salespeople are trying to sell a concept, sell themselves, sell an appointment, etc. etc.  and the prospect knows it and  it’s okay.

Breathe!  It’s okay to solve people’s problems for a profit!

Role Rejection Call Reluctance is contagious and toxic throughout many sales organizations.  Contributing factors may include over-identification with negative stereotypes about salespeople and feelings of guilt or shame about being in sales.

If you have an inkling that you have Role Rejection Call Reluctance, my experience is that you are not convinced of your value and the value of your product or service.  It’s okay.  You can do some internal work and become connected to your value.  Once you “get” or embrace your value, you will be unstoppable and emotionally resilient.

Develop a unique selling proposition that conveys your value and deliver it with confidence!  No more fibbing to prospects!




Connie Kadansky: Desperate v. Deliberate Decisions

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As a coach, I am hearing stories every day of salespeople and entrepreneurs who are making decisions coming from a "desperate" versus a "deliberate" perspective.  If we don't be careful, we can be snared in the doubt that is spiraling down, down, down. The worse thing that you can do is take yourself down the "self-doubt spiral."

Before you make any decisions to invest money in one more sales call reluctance coach, one more workshop, one more CD, one more book, one more retreat, one more MLM, one more franchise opportunity, one more sales training program. . . just stop for a minute and take yourself on a retreat.  Slow down, get calm before you make one more costly desperate decision hoping that it is going to save you and give you something you do not already have.

You already know in your heart of hearts what is the wise next step for you.  When you breathe and get present, you will get answers that are beyond your thinking about them.  We can over-think when we are in fear. 

It's not your current situation that is causing you anxiety, it is your thought about it.

Sometimes it's just good to say to yourself:  Peace be still.