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Would you call a prospect 80 times if you knew you would eventually land their business?

Yesterday I talked with a proven top sales performer.  I asked her to share her most recent success story.  She shared that she just landed a company that she had called 80 times in the last four years.  At first I thought that was pretty excessive, until I did the math.  She called  approximately every six weeks and four years later landed the client.  That is what I call persistence!

Please listen to my blog talk radio interview with Scott Love about how to make successful sales calls.  He talks about how we influence our prospects by our voice.  73% of a phone conversation is your tonality (pace, pitch, volume, inflection, pausing, attitude).


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Are you addicted to NEGATIVITY?

Most salespeople would vehemently scream “NO!” to that question. However, I am finding that many salespeople are riveted with fear because of their intake of mental junk food.

Wes Hopper from www.dailygratitude.com sent the following email today. Please read it.  I guarantee you — that your performance is in large degree measured by your mental diet.

“If we paid as much attention to what we put into our mind as we do to what we put into our mouth we would change the world.” Wes Hopper

I was prompted to come up with today’s quote after talking to a very perceptive friend who told me that so many of the people who contact her for coaching these days are almost completely paralyzed with fear!

They have let the daily news and its predictions of financial doom and gloom fill their minds until they are so fearful that they can’t move.

Now if you ate three big meals a day of junk food, like a giant burger, colossal size french fries, and a large milk shake, would you be surprised if you got fat?

Then why do so many people not see the connection between what they allow in their mind, and how they feel?

Today the news is played for shock value by both the left and right. It’s designed to get you upset. That’s the goal.

When you add the 24 hour internet and cable news, the growing stream of questionable emails telling horror stories, and all your friends with the latest “ain’t it awful” tale to tell, it’s really hard to stay positive.

But what you don’t get on the news are the stories of the many people like yourselves who are building a business, raising families, following their dreams, and making a difference in the world.

There’s no shock value in those stories. But there are lots of them, quietly behind the scenes, doing very well.

So focus on them. You have to cut out the mental junk food!

You only need to know enough of the news to guide your business decisions. The thing to keep in mind is that there are people making money, making a difference, building a dream right
now and you’re going to be one of them.

Make a strong resolve to do that. Don’t let the dream stealers take your hope away.

Pur yourself on a mental diet of positive, encouraging, constructive thoughts.

And you’ll be grateful you did!

Many blessings,
Wes Hopper

Connie Kadansky: Are you guilty of going after the low-hanging fruit?

Lemon tree

This is what our lemon tree looked like!  We had picked all the low-hanging fruit so this weekend I was determined to pick the lemons that were way, way out of reach.   (By the way, we live in Phoenix, Arizona USA– where the sun shines 350 days of the year).

My neighbor loaned me her fruit picker and I promised her fresh lemons. (Reciprocity: the first component of Influence)


As I was going about this task and carefully positioning myself so that I didn't get scratched by the sharp thorns, it become so clear how similar it was to sales. 

How many of you are noticing that there is NO low-hanging fruit in your industry?  It has been picked!

The first thing you need to do is notice that there are a lot of beautiful ripe prospects at the top of the tree.   Next you need to have the right tools, without which you will not succeed.  Do you have the right tools to achieve your goals?  You must possess the dogged determination to get to the qualified prospects and experiment with how you are going to position yourself.  You have to be okay if you get a little scratched up.  Get momentum so when you are on a roll, you keep moving.  What joy to be able to pluck the fruit one by one.  You can do this with prospecting with the right Strategy, Structure and Execution. 

If you are still walking around your "tree" hoping to find one of the hidden prospects within your reach, go for it.  However, the #1 rule in profitable prospecting is:  Do Not Kid Thyself.

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Are you seeing the gifts embedded in your challenges?


This "economy" has tested the best of the best.  What I have noticed is that the salespeople who continue to push against and are determined to "wait for their market to come back" are sinking deeper and deeper into the dark hole of self-doubt and negativity.  Their confidence has disappeared.  They have chosen to be the victims of the rascals in Washington, etc. etc. etc. 

However, the salespeople who are determined to find the gift in their current sales challenges are creating new models, new markets and are energizing themselves in amazing ways.  There is a gift in everything that we create in our experience.   I invite you to consider one of your present challenges and ask yourself "what is the gift?"  Take a deep breath and let me know what you allow yourself to discover. 

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