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Would you call a prospect 80 times if you knew you would eventually land their business?

Yesterday I talked with a proven top sales performer.  I asked her to share her most recent success story.  She shared that she just landed a company that she had called 80 times in the last four years.  At first I thought that was pretty excessive, until I did the math.  She called  approximately every six weeks and four years later landed the client.  That is what I call persistence!

Please listen to my blog talk radio interview with Scott Love about how to make successful sales calls.  He talks about how we influence our prospects by our voice.  73% of a phone conversation is your tonality (pace, pitch, volume, inflection, pausing, attitude).


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What makes you think your prospect is ignoring you?


Last month I got my 2007 Volkswagen Beetle serviced.  The warranty expires December 2010.  The sales guy from the dealership is calling and emailing me and I have not responded yet.  HOWEVER, I can promise you that when I buy, I will buy from him (hope he's still there in December!).  He has reached out to me four (4) times.  Have been busy and traveling and this is not a priority right now.

This experience has totally inspired me because because I have prospects who are not responding to my outreach and that does not mean that they are not a viable prospect.  If they are not responding, all I know for certain is that this is "not the right time." 

So hang in there, stay pleasant and friendly via voice mail and email, maybe send a card through www.sendoutcards.com.  You never know when you will call at "just the right time!"  Stop making up stories about why they are not responding and then buying into your story.  This is a major tip on overcoming Sales Call Reluctance!  Stop the story that spirals you into self-doubt.