Using Neuroscience to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance

Did you know that the Hypothalamus in the brain is the chemical factory of our body? Whatever thoughts you are thinking trigger emotions and the Hypothalamus secretes and releases hormones to match that thought. If you are experiencing negative emotions around clientele building and find it stressful to consistently prospect, guess what? Stress hormones (cortisol and others) are being released throughout your body. It takes 26 hours to clear the body from a cortisol rush. What if you are stressed all week about prospecting? Your body is in a consistent stressful state.

Cortisol is a steroidal hormone produced by the adrenals. In stressful situations, cortisol increases blood sugar for energy, suppresses the immune system and ensures that consumed food is stored as fat around the stomach. This is a primal response to stress. Cortisol increases the appetite for sugar. Excess cortisol decreases collagen production, which is why stress leads to wrinkles. In a nutshell, Cortisol makes us insatiably hungry and gives us wrinkles – meaning stress makes us look old and fat!

When salespeople are stressed, they are in survival mode and their ability to creatively problem solve and initiate contact is inconsistent at best.

Elevated emotions such as happiness, optimism, contentment, playfulness, curiosity, and fascination are key to increased confidence. Why? Because when we are experiencing elevated emotions, the good ole Hypothalamus is secreting and releasing oxytocin (happy hormones) into the brain. It seeps into the amygdala (survival and fear center of the brain) and it shuts the amygdala down. Our energy level increases, and we feel gratitude for being alive. This is proven by neuroscience, positive intelligence, positive psychology, cognitive psychology and performance science.

I am facilitating a coaching program that is making a world of difference for salespeople. One recently said, “This is life-changing. I woke up happy and it is not the weekend.” Another one shared “I am setting more appointments.” A third said “Hum . . . I learned why I have never been promoted and have been stuck in the same position for years.” If you are committed to fulfilling your potential and want to put an end to your Call Reluctance for the rest of your career, put yourself on the path to life-mastery with this program.

The seven-week program only takes 1.5% of your day. The unique component of this program is that it has a daily app where you have 2-minute focuses and 2-minute coach challenges. We change when we are challenged. If you commit to working the program and self-reflect, you may not be jumping for joy when it comes time to prospect, however, you will have the tools to pull yourself forward neutralizing the negativity and stress around new business development and in time, you will start enjoying the process and learning how to re-set yourself quickly after any setbacks. You will set more appointments.