Man Walking on the Rope

What are your plans to adapt to the new world of business?

We cannot go back to a world that no longer exists. Some professions will return to the tried and true fundamentals and others will not.

We will be forced to look at business in new ways. Outmoded tools and thinking no longer serve.

We must discover new innovative ways to face challenges that have no solutions and make decisions anyway, according to Bob Johansen, futurist and author of Leaders Make the Future.

Making decisions from old patterns is misguided. Clear thinking leads to regeneration of new tools to make strategic decisions. It involves exploring all possible alternatives and coming up with new and innovative ideas that contain within them solutions to the extraordinary challenges.

How important is it to you to find new ways to navigate through the disruption?

What do you find intimidating about this particular situation?

What needs to happen for you to engage your innovative capabilities?

Those are three coaching questions!

Conscious adaption to new ways in business and life will be the ticket to moving into the new realities.

Are you feeling like you are on a unicycle peddling across a rope, trying to juggle four balls at the same time?

A professional certified coach can be your thinking partner. What questions do you have?