Connie Kadansky

About Connie Kadansky

A Noted Authority on Call Reluctance and Sales Productivity

The first cornerstone when choosing a trainer and coach is to find a person who is a proven authority in that area of expertise.  Connie Kadansky has worked with powerhouse organizations including Fortune 50 corporations, Universities, Multi-national organizations, and National non-profits & Associations. She has also been written about or written in publications including The Wall Street Journal, CEO, Inc., Bloomberg Businessweek, Investor’s Business Daily, Small Business Opportunities, and many more.

A Master Communicator across the Spectrum

The second cornerstone when choosing a trainer or coach who can connect with an audience, help them identify their needs, teach them what they need to know, and inspire them to change. Not an easy task! However, Connie has done just that with audiences large and small for 18 years. Her files are stuffed with hundreds of testimonials and thank you notes from sales managers and professionals whose lives were changed by her message and her methods.

The Ability to Create Significant and Sustainable Change

The third cornerstone is about finding someone who can positively affect the bottom line. Connie’s speaking, training, and coaching offers tools and techniques that help salespeople immediately break through personal barriers, improve their prospecting skills, and begin to significantly increase their appointments. In addition, participants learn technical and motivational skills that help them to continue the improvement process. Finally, Connie’s training provides an acid test for marginal salespeople. Those who cannot or will not improve after participating may not be right for the sales business.

The Ability to Engage and Entertain

The fourth cornerstone of a master speaker and coach is the ability to engage and entertain an audience. Engagement is critical in the change process because for change to occur participants must be willing to face their shortcomings and fears head on. Connie is a master at leading salespeople through the self-evaluation process and helping them see not only the “what” of call reluctance, but she also inspires responsibility and accountability. She shows them how to break down personal barriers then takes them step-by-step through the process of self-realization that they can overcome call reluctance and ultimately be successful. Through the use of engagement and entertainment Connie creates a safe environment where change can occur.

“Thank you for your very informative and educational seminar at our Kick-off Conference. You have opened the eyes of our sales force members to a serious and career-challenging limitation, and that is the reluctance to make sales calls, and the apprehension associated with prospecting for new clients. Your clear explanation of the roots of this reluctance and the causes of this limiting condition has helped our planners recognize and face this critical issue in their careers. Furthermore, your proposed solutions to deal with this reluctance were spot on! Our planners left your presentation motivated and inspired! 

Thank you for your great insight!”

Joseph Estephan
Senior Vice President Advance Planning, Sr. Advance Planning
Forest Lawn – Funerals, Cremations & Cemeteries

“Your presentation was really well received by all. I love the way you were able to fully captivate and engage the audience for over 3 hours! The examples you gave when you brought Karen and the other Planners onto the stage were very effective and memorable; I am sure they totally got your point. I firmly believe everyone learned a lot from your presentation yesterday!

I hope we will bring you back many more times!”

Michelle Chiu
Office Manager
SVP Advance Planning