For Sales Managers

Put an End to Your Sales Team’s
Call Reluctance NOW!

Is your team missing their numbers more than they are hitting
them?  Are you losing sales due to your salespeople’s lack of follow through?

Sales reluctance may be the reason.  Exceptional Sales Performance has the
solution!  We will show you how to break through the fears and blocks that
are hindering your team’s success.  We will explain exactly how you can
overcome Sales Call Reluctance™ and improve your sales team’s
performance immediately.

How Much is Sales Call Reluctance Costing YOUR Company?

The days of going after the low-hanging fruit are over.  Now is the
time to prospect, sell, and increase revenue.  You CAN help your team
become more effective by addressing their Sale Call Reluctance™.

Put an end to Sale Call Reluctance™ with the Fear-Free Sales Prospecting Workshop.

Based on more than three decades of research, the Fear-Free Sales Prospecting Workshop features a system of integrated technologies designed to:

  • Diagnose Call Reluctance, or one’s emotional hesitation to prospect
  • Prevent Call-Reluctance Contagion, as Call Reluctance can spread from one person to another within a company or department
  • Prescribe scientifically proven techniques for countering all 12 types of Call Reluctance.

Course outcomes focus on increasing the number of contacts a participant initiates with potential buyers.

Sales Workshop Outline

The Fear-Free Sales Prospecting Workshop combines an eight-hour seminar with a four-week follow-up program.

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