What is your measure of success?

unicycle peddling across a rope

Are you feeling like you are on a unicycle peddling across a rope, trying to juggle four balls at the same time?

Conscious adaptation to current reality moves us to turn on our innovative and creative brain

How has your vision for the future changed? Vision is the first place where you engage your thinking about what is possible. Ask yourself: Why am I here? How will I be successful?

New possibilities cause you to see new goals and feel like you can achieve them. New possibilities are the foundation where new business is built. Ask yourself: What is the best thing that could happen in my business?

How do you challenge yourself to see things from different viewpoints than your usual ones? Challenging our viewpoints makes us see things more clearly and arrive at better conclusions. Think about a business challenge you’re currently facing right now. To what degree can you accurately describe the perspectives of 3-5 prospects who are also facing the same problem?

What are you measuring? We cannot manage what we do not measure. Whatever we measure improves. Ask yourself: What is my success measure?

Asking yourself these types of questions cause your executive brain to focus on your new reality.