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How to Keep Prospecting During a Crisis

How to Keep Prospecting During a Crisis

While we may be tempted to put prospecting on hold  during a crisis, that would be a mistake. Salespeople who continue to be visible, prospect and engage in empathic conversations with their prospects have a better chance of solving problems than those who don’t. The time is now for salespeople to serve in the VUCA environment. (Vulnerable, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)

How are you relating to the crisis? We have experiences. Experiences don’t have us. Experiences serve as feedback to what we are making our experience mean. Experiences are breakthrough points to awaken us to our value. This global crisis is a wake-up call. To put it bluntly: We all need to wake up!

What if you decided to experience this crisis as a mystery? Step into the mystery with confidence, enthusiasm, and courage. We stand at the edge where we are face-to-face with our fears and the unknown. The crisis appears intent on distracting us. Yet it is the very edge, that we discover what we are really made of. Our doubts and insecurities reveal themselves – not as weaknesses, but as areas of potentiality.

Instead of self-distancing and isolating, what if you found a strategic partner and you became virtual buddies? Each of you will design a strategy that involves creativity, prospecting, commitments, accountability, report in through daily email updates, and every three days, have a telephone or video conversation.

What are the benefits of a sales buddy?

1) Two heads are better than one. You’ll pool your knowledge, skills, resources.

2) Having a buddy can introduce you to new perspectives.

3) You’ll teach each other; sharing your strengths and complementing each other’s perceived limitations will improve the outcomes for both.

4) You’ll motivate each other. Staying motivated during a crisis can be challenging. You will agree to goals and come up with ways to celebrate successes.

5) Share resources; you’ll come across useful articles, books, globinars, posts, ideas.

6) In coaching each other, your best self will come forward.

7) You’ll create and commit to actions and ensure accountability, where you take ownership of your actions and results.

You may be tempted to find a friend to become your confidante through this crisis. I encourage you to find a strategic alliance (Salesperson who is not a competitor, however, their prospect is also your prospect) and buddy up.

Create agreements that you will not play the “Ain’t it awful game.” You will not allow negativity to infiltrate your conversions. You’ll have Rules of Engagement for your buddy relationship, which includes, identifying practices or behaviors that give your dynamic the best outcome. Identify behaviors that are important to your relationship, i.e. showing up on time, keeping commitments. Asking the question: “What is our plan if we have problems and our commitment waivers?”

Elevate your conversations to focus forward and beyond the current crisis. Remember that Nothing is Against You. Everything, everyone and every experience only contributes to your expansion of awareness, creativity and problem solving.

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