SPQ Gold Sales Assessment Test: Eliminate Sales Call Reluctance

The SPQ/FSA Assessment is the only assessment in the world that detects and measures all 16 types of sales call reluctance. With an SPQ/FSA assessment, you can discover exactly what is inhibiting the ability to prospect successfully.

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The SPQ/FSA is used world-wide in any organization that has a sales force. It is also used in professional service organizations for the rainmakers and business developers, i.e., lawyers, architects — roles that require proactive self-promotion in order to bring in business.

The SPQ is widely used for pre-hire selection of all types of salespeople, financial advisors, executive recruiters, insurance, equipment sales — any position that requires consistent proactive prospecting.

The SPQ is also used for training and development purposes of any salesperson.

SPQ also measures:

  • Motivation: Physical and psychological energy available to prospect.
  • Goal level: Emotional connection to goals and what is important to them (fire in the belly).
  • Goal diffusion: Internal and external distractions, ability to focus.
  • Problem solving: Emotional ability to handle frustration and see through complexities.

How it works:

The assessment is taken online (internet access is necessary).  It takes approximately 72 minutes to complete.  Once the assessment has been taken, you will receive a PDF copy of the report with customized comments.  At that time, if you choose, we will be happy to arrange for a timely one-on-one interpretation of the report.

SPQ  and Sales Call Reluctance are registered trademarks of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Dallas, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SPQ Test?

The SPQ Gold Assessment Test is a tool used to measure sales call reluctance, which can predict how effectively someone will perform in sales roles. It’s like a crystal ball for seeing into your future sales success!

Why is the SPQ important for sales performance?

SPQ shines a spotlight on what might be holding you back in sales. Think of it as identifying the invisible hurdles on your track to success, so you know exactly what to leap over.

What are the main components of the SPQ Gold Test?

The test breaks down into sections that assess fear of rejection, lack of self-promotion, and other areas that could trip you up in selling. Imagine it dissecting your sales psyche to find out what makes or breaks your deals.

How should I prepare for taking the SPQ Gold Assessment?

Preparation involves reflecting on your sales experiences and being ready to answer honestly. It’s like prepping for an honest chat with yourself about where you shine and where you might need some polish.

How do I interpret my SPQ Test results?

Your results will give you insights into specific areas affecting your sales performance. Think of it as decoding messages from yourself, revealing secrets on how to sell more effectively.

Can implementing SPQ results really improve my sales?

Absolutely! By understanding and addressing your unique challenges highlighted by the test, it’s like having a tailored blueprint for smashing those sales targets.

What are common challenges in taking the SPQ Test, and how can I overcome them?

A common challenge is overthinking responses or fearing judgment based on answers. The best approach? Be brutally honest with yourself—it’s not about passing but improving.