Sales Call Reluctance Assessment

SPQ/FSA Assessment for Sales Call Reluctance

The SPQ/FSA Assessment is the only assessment in the world that detects and measures all 16 types of sales call reluctance. With an SPQ/FSA assessment, you can discover exactly what is inhibiting the ability to prospect successfully.

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The SPQ/FSA is used world-wide in any organization that has a sales force. It is also used in professional service organizations for the rainmakers and business developers, i.e., lawyers, architects — roles that require proactive self-promotion in order to bring in business.

The SPQ is widely used for pre-hire selection of all types of salespeople, financial advisors, executive recruiters, insurance, equipment sales — any position that requires consistent proactive prospecting.

The SPQ is also used for training and development purposes of any salesperson.

SPQ also measures:

  • Motivation: Physical and psychological energy available to prospect.
  • Goal level: Emotional connection to goals and what is important to them (fire in the belly).
  • Goal diffusion: Internal and external distractions, ability to focus.
  • Problem solving: Emotional ability to handle frustration and see through complexities.

How it works:

The assessment is taken online (internet access is necessary).  It takes approximately 72 minutes to complete.  Once the assessment has been taken, you will receive a PDF copy of the report with customized comments.  At that time, if you choose, we will be happy to arrange for a timely one-on-one interpretation of the report.

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