Connie Kadansky is regularly featured in various news publications.  Connie’s media appearances include the following:

Sales Reinvented Podcast

Sales Reinvented Podcast

Emotional literacy—sometimes also referred to as self-awareness—is the ability to appropriately understand and express your feelings. It is key to becoming a productive sales professional. Why? Understanding your emotions and what keeps you from being a successful salesperson gives you the steps to move in a positive direction.

Emotional Literacy is Key to Sales Productivity  Listen to Podcast

How To Overcome Call Reluctance

Forbes Media

“Fear of initiating contact can become so great that it limits one’s ability to connect with potential new clients,” said Kadansky. “Many advisors find making that first contact so emotionally uncomfortable that they avoid it, delay it, or fake it with ineffective strategies like sending out colorful mailers, deflecting the identity (“I’m not selling anything”) or calling on only limited, emotionally safe segments of the market.”

Is there a solution for call reluctance?  Read Full Article 

Advisor Radio Interview

the Leader

Connie Kadansky shares in her conversation with Ellen, when you understand the psychology that feeds sales call reluctance, you can begin to defang it.

Restarting a Stalled Career

The Wall Street Journal

Even star performers sometimes stall.

Where they once won regular promotions, they’re suddenly passed over–leaving them feeling stale and stuck. Their old ways no longer work. Yet they don’t understand why.

Mindset is key to overcoming hesitation in sales prospecting, coach says

smart brief

People who suffer from an emotional hesitation toward prospecting can overcome their “sales-call reluctance” with an awareness of the issue and strong coaching to help them change their mindset, says coach, trainer and speaker Connie Kadansky.

Your Working Life Podcast with Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky is a Professional Certified Coach and Owner of Exceptional Sales Performance talks about the power of sales and the value of coaching in every career.

How to Wake Up a Sluggish Sales Team

bloomberg Businessweek
Is your sales team struggling to meet their quotas month-to-month? Find out how you can motivate them or help them be more successful.

Beat Sales Slumps By Inspiring High And Low Sellers

Even hot-shot executives can have cold spells. How to reignite their fire.

Three Essential Tips For Solving Sales Call Reluctance

Salesforce Logo
In our culture, it is not the hardest-working, the best-prepared or the smartest who sells the most. It is the person who is most willing to prospect and self-promote.

4 Wrong Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

Inc. Magizine - 4 Wrong Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

By Minda Zetlin
Are you afraid to go after the things you really want? Are you reluctant to pick up the phone to pitch your products or ideas? Send in that business plan? Ask for a plum project or raise? It proves you’re only human.

7 Tips to Make Killer Sales Calls (Even if You Dread Them

Inc. Magazine - 7 Tips to Make Killer Sales Calls (Even if You Dread Them)

By Minda Zetlin
“Do you have sales-call reluctance?” Connie Kadansky asks me point-blank. “Um…” I trail off. She’s a sales coach at Sales Call Reluctance with 20 years’ experience. I’m supposed to be interviewing her. But somehow I’ve let slip that I’d rather have my teeth drilled than pitch total strangers over the phone.

Four Ways Salespeople Can Beat Call Reluctance

yesware - Four Ways Salespeople Can Beat Call Reluctance by Lou Carlozo

By Lou Carlozo
If you’ve ever experienced call reluctance–as I did during my cold-calling days–then you know that feeling. You’ve felt that dull throb in the pit of your stomach, that inability to pick up the phone or make the day’s first appointment, that awful dread in which you obsess upon rejection, rejection, rejection.

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