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Connie Kadansky provides coaching for salespeople who are responsible for generating their own leads.  Most clients start the coaching process by taking the only assessment in the world that measures Sales Call Reluctance (SPQ Gold).  Her coaching focuses on performance coaching which develops the requisite skills to either close performance gaps and prepare for greater responsibilities and developmental coaching which supports her clients in being curious, opening up to new possibilities, acting on those possibilities in order to experience what happens.  To produce a new identity, her clients become open to significant new ways of seeing, interpreting and behaving.

Connie’s coaching includes accountability and measurement with proven tangible results.

Our coaching method is effective!

  1. Call Connie Kadansky at 602-997-1101 or fill in our handy Contact Page
  2. Invest in the only assessment in the world that measures Sales Call Reluctance and review it with Connie Kadansky and create a performance improvement action plan.
  3. Decide if you will move forward on your own or choose to invest in a few weeks of customized coaching.
  4. Read certain portions of The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance book as part of your coaching experience.
  5. Prepare your of list of ideal prospects – because you will be actively prospecting.
  6. Get your scripting ready to review with Connie, including your laser sharp value propositions which are vital to your success.
  7. Pick up the phone and start making your calls, with the knowledge of setting appointments is one step that will move your sales process forward.
  8. Smile and appreciate yourself because of your increased confidence.
  9. Enjoy the increased monetary rewards because of your consistent prospecting.


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