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Telling your Sales people to
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is NOT the Way to Increase Sales

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It is a salesperson’s job to find prospects to sell to period. If it were just that easy, right? You cannot look at anything about selling on the internet without coming across articles that verbally shout “Cold Calling is Dead.”

If someone is telling you that cold calling is dead. . . take a deeper look and recognize that they are trying to sell you something!

Making highly-targeted prospecting calls is alive and well!  Making calls to prospects who you know have a problem you can solve is smart.  Prospects who are identical to your current clientele have the same issues your clientele deals with consistently.  Prospects who seem like they would be loads of fun to work with are waiting for you to engage them.

Prospecting is a core competency for salespeople. Finding and solving people’s problems for a profit is what selling is. Linked In, eGrabber, Ring Lead, Salesforce and other technologies have made salespeople’s prospecting easier.

Holy smokes! Salespeople are being hoodwinked by semantics. Proactive prospecting is the life-blood of any business.

Successful prospecting requires Strategy, Structure and Skillful Execution.

A friend and former client of mine has been recruited to open up a brand new market in real estate investment in a hotly competitive market. Guess what? His requirement is to make 25 highly targeted prospecting calls a day. As an over-achiever he has set the goal to make 50. Next year, we’ll see his picture in the Wall Street Journal as a top producer for his new company. The owners of the buildings (his prospects) do not know him! Is he making a cold call? He’s making intelligent, highly targeted prospecting calls and it works!

How many proactive highly-targeted calls are you going to make today?