Opportunities are never lost. The ones you miss go to someone else.

a_6487_Connie_smallConnie Kadansky, MCC is a much sought after at numerous speaking events. Her many customized Sales Call Reluctance programs are shown below.

Connie Kadansky is a professional speaker who specializes in Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance®.  Companies rely on Connie to help their salespeople, financial advisors and executive requires prospect consistently and confidently.  Prospecting is the weakest link for salespeople. Sales Call Reluctance is nothing to be embarrassed about, living with it needlessly is.

Connie continues to hone and develop her speaking skills by participating in Toastmasters on a weekly basis.  She claims that she gets the best feedback from her fellow Toastmasters.  Connie believes that it should be mandatory that every salesperson participate in Toastmasters.  It would transform the world of sales.

Among Connie’s most notable engagements, she spoke at a castle in Prague, Czech Republic; at a global coaching conference in Norway, over 26 times for companies in Trinidad West Indies and Jamaica.  Her most exotic experience was when she facilitated Public Speaking Training for the Women in Parliament in Rwanda through a French interpreter.

She offers effective tools and training to diagnose Sales Call Reluctance. Connie facilitates the world-renowned Fear-Free Prospecting and Self Promotion Workshops®.

Contact Connie at (602) 380-5431 or email her at [email protected]

Connie’s Customized Speaking Programs Include:

Connie’s Customized General Programs Include:

Connie Kadansky Speaking

  • Why Optimists Do Not Fail
  • The Mysteries of Willpower
  • How to Practice Virtues in Business
  • Mindset is the Key, Heartset is What Unlocks the Door

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