What would it be like to be at ease with prospecting?

The testimonials of Connie’s satisfied clients tell the story of her effective training methods.

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Julie Kern - CPA, CFP“Connie helped me overcome my sales reluctance to close a sale with a new client that will result in $4,500/year+ in net profit. Her expertise and gentle coaching style are invaluable!” – Julie Kern, CPA, CFP Jorge Guerra“Connie’s coaching is transformative. She sets the bar with you and does not give up until you get there. She poses questions that create powerful solutions with the inspiration to act and that is a rare skill in a coach. I have recommended Connie several times to people whom I respect and will continue to do so.”  – Jorge Guerra

It is my great pleasure to recommend Connie Kadansky as an expert in the field of Call Reluctance or Prospecting. Not only has Connie providedme one of the best measurement instruments I have ever seen in call reluctance, the key has always been her analysis of a sales person from results of the SPQ Assessment. She has made me look good among my peers by simply delivering above and beyond the call of duty and with her help, we have transformed this client into an industry leading sales force. Connie, thank you for all you have done for my clients and myself.

Michael Goodman
Founding Partner at John Maxwell Team / Founding Partner

Connie’s 5 step system for goal accomplishment is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. For years I was doing the first 3 steps making minimal progress; it was steps 4 and 5 that were the life changers!! Give her a call today and learn from her. She is proven in time in experience.

Brad Brown
Vice President at Patriot Home Mortgage

The results that were achieved when I hired Connie were nothing short of spectacular. I hired Connie in 2007 shortly after taking on revenue and P&L responsibility for the company I was with. Connie assessed the team using the Sales Call Reluctance assessment, provided on site training and follow up mentoring with each rep. In addition to improving each individual’s performance, she was able to help identify the reps who were not well suited to the complex nature of our sales process. The result was growth in revenue and a return to profitability for the first time since 2000! Thank you Connie!

Lindsay Miller (Mr.) MBA, CISSP, MCSE
CIO at Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority

I enrolled in one of Connie’s excellent classes. The next 12 months were the highest income months of my career! I also sent some of my sales team to the class with outstanding and measurable results. Connie is a true teacher and sharer of knowledge. I continue to gain ongoing value from my relationship with Connie. Her dedication to constant development of her programs and staying ‘current’, make her a top trainer in our profession. I highly recommend Connie’s training classes, consulting and speaking services!

Dave Tiller
Vice President, Legal Solutions at UnitedLex

Connie is an expert on call reluctance. She was able to fine tune an area of cold calling that was preventing me from meeting my full potential as a veteran executive search consultant. We have been working together for over six months and during this time I’ve been able to accomplish more than I ever thought was possible.

Marguerite Granat
Director, Talent Acquisition at Sage Hospitality Resources

Connie is an expert on sales call reluctance and her assessment system is great fit for a lot of the clients we work with. After working with Connie on my own assessment and hearing her coaching calls it was clear her coaching and development program produces lasting results. It’s a pleasure working with Connie and anyone in sales would be well served to make a connection with her.
Ryan Pitz
President, New Call Solutions™

I’ve known Connie for several years, both personally and professionally. I’ve seen the wonderful results Connie’s coaching and call reluctance programs have brought to the lives of others, and to myself. If you own a phone, you need Connie!
Carl Young
Enterprise Architect and Project Manager

Connie Kadansky is a highly professional trainer and coach. She has a very specific niche. It is Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance. Over the last decade, I’ve seen Connie continually invest her funds and time in becoming better and better. I attended her Call Reluctance workshop twice and both times was inspired to become a more effective self-promoter. Her training has been valuable for me in growing my business as a Tactical Advisor.

Otan Patrick Ford
Founding Partner at The Ford Transformation Group

Connie is the master of overcoming sales call reluctance. I have had the privilege of knowing Connie for several years and I’ve watched her business grow from conducting small local workshops to her traveling all over the world to share her wisdom.

She is passionate about what she does. She is a student of her field, and of business, and of people. Connie is constantly pushing herself past her comfort zone to achieve remarkable results for her clients and for herself.

As a coach, seminar leader, key-note speaker, or inspiration; you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more at the “top of her game” than Connie Kadansky

George Gillas
MaxExposure: Social Media Managment for small businesses