Do you suffer from Monday Morning Blues?

Recently a client shared that he woke up on Monday and was looking forward to the week! That is music to my coaching ears.

Call Reluctance is nothing to be embarrassed about, living with it needlessly is.

There are four steps to Overcome Call Reluctance:

1) Become acutely aware of how you feel about your day. If you are dreading the day,  the negative feeling is worthy of your attention. It’s okay to name the emotion. Hiding, denying and suppressing negative emotions is detrimental to your health.

2) Assess your call reluctance. Feel free to take the complimentary assessment and invest in the comprehensive assessment that measures the 16 types of Call Reluctance. Taking a diagnostic evaluation is vital to moving forward. When salespeople see their answers to the questions, it shocks them into taking action to solve their call reluctance problem. Please email to take the comprehensive assessment or call 602-380-5431.

3) Admit that your call reluctance is costing you big bucks, and more importantly, your self-worth is taking a big hit. Admitting/Accepting the fact that you are experiencing call reluctance is vital to your future success. Accepting is the most misunderstood emotion. Accepting does not mean that you like or endorse it. It only means you see things as they are.

4) Apply proven techniques to Overcome Call Reluctance, customized by the type of call reluctance you experience, plus my many years of coaching with specific tips and techniques in my coaching tool belt.

What will it be like to wake up on Monday looking forward to your week?

Using Neuroscience to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance

Did you know that the Hypothalamus in the brain is the chemical factory of our body? Whatever thoughts you are thinking trigger emotions and the Hypothalamus secretes and releases hormones to match that thought. If you are experiencing negative emotions around clientele building and find it stressful to consistently prospect, guess what? Stress hormones (cortisol and others) are being released throughout your body. It takes 26 hours to clear the body from a cortisol rush. What if you are stressed all week about prospecting? Your body is in a consistent stressful state.

Cortisol is a steroidal hormone produced by the adrenals. In stressful situations, cortisol increases blood sugar for energy, suppresses the immune system and ensures that consumed food is stored as fat around the stomach. This is a primal response to stress. Cortisol increases the appetite for sugar. Excess cortisol decreases collagen production, which is why stress leads to wrinkles. In a nutshell, Cortisol makes us insatiably hungry and gives us wrinkles – meaning stress makes us look old and fat!

When salespeople are stressed, they are in survival mode and their ability to creatively problem solve and initiate contact is inconsistent at best.

Elevated emotions such as happiness, optimism, contentment, playfulness, curiosity, and fascination are key to increased confidence. Why? Because when we are experiencing elevated emotions, the good ole Hypothalamus is secreting and releasing oxytocin (happy hormones) into the brain. It seeps into the amygdala (survival and fear center of the brain) and it shuts the amygdala down. Our energy level increases, and we feel gratitude for being alive. This is proven by neuroscience, positive intelligence, positive psychology, cognitive psychology and performance science.

I am facilitating a coaching program that is making a world of difference for salespeople. One recently said, “This is life-changing. I woke up happy and it is not the weekend.” Another one shared “I am setting more appointments.” A third said “Hum . . . I learned why I have never been promoted and have been stuck in the same position for years.” If you are committed to fulfilling your potential and want to put an end to your Call Reluctance for the rest of your career, put yourself on the path to life-mastery with this program.

The seven-week program only takes 1.5% of your day. The unique component of this program is that it has a daily app where you have 2-minute focuses and 2-minute coach challenges. We change when we are challenged. If you commit to working the program and self-reflect, you may not be jumping for joy when it comes time to prospect, however, you will have the tools to pull yourself forward neutralizing the negativity and stress around new business development and in time, you will start enjoying the process and learning how to re-set yourself quickly after any setbacks. You will set more appointments.

When NOT prospecting is more painful than prospecting

desparate recruiter

There comes a time, when all salespeople emotionally reconcile to the fact that their fate is in the hands of their prospecting activity.

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like it is too late.  The habit of procrastination and the negativity has built up so much that it is hard to shift your self-image when it comes to successful prospecting.

However, it is never too late to take responsibility and do the internal work it takes to develop prospecting skills.

The four steps to overcoming Sales Call Reluctance are:

Aware: Become aware that you are not prospecting. Your appointment calendar reflects lack of appointments and your bank account balance is not something you are proud of.

Assess: Take a complimentary Prospecting EKG or invest dollars and time into taking the SPQ/FSA assessment that measure for Sales Call Reluctance. Find out which of the 16 types of Call Reluctance are interfering with your prospecting success. (Talk to Connie Kadansky at 602-380-5431)

Admit: Surrender to the fact that your Call Reluctance is costing you big bucks and you are going to stop hiding, denying and suppressing it. It is okay to experience Call Reluctance. It is learned behavior and you can unlearn it.

Apply: Proven techniques to Overcome your fear of prospecting. There is not just one generic solution. There are several solutions that are prescribed, depending on the types of call reluctance you are experiencing. Our coaching program includes a daily app that integrates neuroscience, performance psychology, cognitive behavioral techniques. You get a daily coach challenge (2 minutes). When you are challenged, you change!

A seasoned top sales producer was experiencing such a terrible bout of call reluctance that he started looking for another job. His last ditch effort was to admit his call reluctance and get specific coaching. He emailed this message today “I feel like I accomplished more this week than I have for quite a while. It is amazing what you can achieve. I am excited to share my progress.”

How important are you?

A few years ago, I was coaching a rookie executive recruiter.  He was former military and had tremendous discipline and drive.  He worked hard on learning his new career. He made his 60+ calls a day.  As beginner’s luck would have it, within four months, he had a $50,000 month.  A beginner’s dream.  Then something interesting happened. The next month he had zero income. The second month – zero.  The third month – zero.  He left the industry.  At the time, I thought, hum . . . he must have outperformed his own sense of value.

What is your sense of value?  Do you experience yourself as a priceless human being who is an essential piece of the success puzzle, no matter what you do?  It is becoming clearer as the minutes go by that we are interdependent. 

When your sense of value truly registers in your heart and your conscious mind, you will never doubt your worth.

Who depends on you to do your job?  Who relies on you to follow through?

How do you remind yourself that you are instrumental in fulfilling your place in this world?  Do you see yourself weaving your gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, courage, empathy into the tapestry of your marketplace?

To Prospect or Not to Prospect? That is the question!

Salespeople are in a quandary. During this crisis, should they be proactively prospecting?

Answer: It depends!

Is your product or service considered to be a First Responder?

When the house is on fire, the first responder runs to help. Some products/services are entirely appropriate to proactively promote, for example, medical supplies and testing, technical solutions, marketing messaging services, crisis management, human resources, financial services, insurance, public relations, complex problem-solving answers, attorneys, investor relations, recruiters, the list goes on.

If a house is on fire, certain products/services can wait. You don’t try to sell the fire-fighter a promo product. The promo product salesperson is proactively adding value to the PR and crisis management firm.

What do your prospects need right now? If they need money to stay afloat and are scrambling to get credit lines and loans and you don’t provide anything close, give space. Work on developing your plan for the future re-build and re-bound.

What tools are you developing to be of more exceptional service and value to your clients/customers?

Consider this your call to action…

Eliminate Call Reluctance Now!

Call (602) 380-5431 today.

National Speakers Association“Connie spoke to the National Speakers Association of Arizona. Her topic – You are the Differentiator: How to Promote Yourself Most Effectively – was exceptional. Connie gave us great information about identifying sales call reluctance and how to put yourself front and center with prospects. Members had nothing but good things to say about Connie. I recommend her as a speaker, coach and trainer.”

What is your success measure?

Conscious adaptation to current reality moves us to turn on our innovative and creative brain.

How has your vision for the future changed? Vision is the first place where you engage your thinking about what is possible. Ask yourself: Why am I here? How will I be successful?

New possibilities cause you to see new goals and feel like you can achieve them. New possibilities are the foundation where new business is built. Ask yourself: What is the best thing that could happen in my business?

How do you challenge yourself to see things from different viewpoints than your usual ones? Challenging our viewpoints makes us see things more clearly and arrive at better conclusions. Think about a business challenge you’re currently facing right now. To what degree can you accurately describe the perspectives of 3-5 prospects who are also facing the same problem?

What are you measuring? We cannot manage what we do not measure. Whatever we measure improves. Ask yourself: What is my success measure?

Asking yourself these types of questions cause your executive brain to get to work on creating your new reality.