Individual (1:1) Coaching

Have you tried coaching but it just hasn’t worked? Are you reluctant to commit the time or invest the money because you just aren’t convinced the payoff will be worth it?

After a Leadership forum at Radio Music Hall, on-the-spot polling asked VPs and higher about the most significant investment they had made in their recent careers. The response from 72 percent of those surveyed: “Business coaching.” Knowing it and doing it are two different things, though, aren’t they?

Business Coach:  The goal of coaching in a business context is to support clients to develop competence in behaviors like effectiveness, authenticity and getting results. What often happens is that deeply rooted ineffective habits are reinforced when we’re stressed or experiencing tension due to a performance gap. Performance-based coaching can help you maintain and/or cultivate the skills you need to either close the performance gap that’s been holding you back or prepare for greater responsibility. An important thing to look for in any coaching program is measurements of your success.

Developmental coaching encourages a client to become curious, open to new possibilities, and willing to act on those possibilities to see what happens. In order for someone to authentically redefine his or her identity, they must remain open to significant new ways of seeing, interpreting, and behaving in the world around them. A developmental coaching approach uniquely infuses a spirit of discovery into the coaching process.

The unique combination of performance-based and developmental coaching leads clients to simultaneously achieve their goals and experience enhanced personal gratification.

Connie Kadansky Sales Expert

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