Expert sales training from Connie Kadansky: Stop Sales Call Reluctance from hurting profits!

Sales training from Connie Kadansky starts with SPQ Gold®–the only assessment in the world that detects and measures all 12 steps of sales call reluctance. With an SPQ Gold assessment, you can discover exactly what is inhibiting your ability to prospect successfully. With that analysis, Connie Kadansky can focus her expertise and training on game-changing solutions to the core issues holding you or your team from a higher level of success.

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Is this a Real Problem or will you just one day get comfortable with prospecting?

Do you experience one or more of the following?

• You worry about whether you can make it in your chosen career.

• You have an excellent close rate once you are in front of prospects.

• You know that your income could double if you prospected consistently.

When the time comes to prospect, you always find something else to do.

• You have plenty of prospects, but you are not initiating contact with them.

• Your savings or money supply is dwindling because lack of consistent success.

• You read all the books, listened to all the CDs and still suffer from Sales Call Reluctance.

• You have invested in coach-after-coach and training-after-training and are still not earning what you are worth.

• You are thinking of switching companies, but you are afraid that you will be required to prospect at your new company.

• You like your product or service, but you are seriously thinking about taking up a a new career because you dislike prospecting so much.